A unique retail mix isn’t the only way in which Bower Place innovates; we are firm believers in being one step ahead of the game in creating a healthy, sustainable community. Bower Place is incredibly proud to have achieved BOMA BEST Level 4 which recognizes excellence in energy and environmental management. Our Shopping Centre initiatives include:

  • Preference is given to green cleaning products; incorporating high efficiency sprinkler heads in landscaping; and, reusing construction materials whenever possible.
  • To minimize energy usage, low watt lighting is used throughout the Centre and LED technology is utilized where possible. All corridors utilize motion activated lighting and all exterior lighting is powered by Canadian sourced wind energy.
  • The Centre has a material recycling/recovery program that includes paper, cardboard, cans, plastics, glass bottles, batteries, wood pallets, cooking oil and organics.
  • Hybrid and eco-friendly vehicle parking stalls are located in our newly renovated East Parking Lot. Bike racks and on-site public transit stops are also available for those.

Eco-consciousness runs in the family. To learn more about sustainability at all of QuadReal’s properties, including their sustainability performance please visit www.quadreal.com/sustainability/our-progress